meet the Interventionists

Our intervention specialists have performed thousands of successful interventions.  We have combined decades of experience in substance abuse treatment working with families who want peace restored to their lives. We’re here to do that for you, too. 

Sam Davis

CAI Intervention Professional / Founder of Intervention On Call

I have been performing addiction interventions for over a decade. In that time, I have assisted thousands of families on their journeys to recovery. A family history of alcoholism coupled with intense childhood trauma created the perfect storm of addiction in my life, which almost destroyed my relationships with the ones I loved.

My family loved me but didn’t know what to do. Their enabling came close to loving me to death. After I immediately returned to use and destruction after several treatment center stays, my family engaged a professional interventionist to guide them in establishing boundaries with me and taking care of themselves. That’s when I went to treatment for the last time and found the willingness to change my life.

The work my family did was crucial in creating that willingness in me. Our relationships are stronger than they’ve ever been, and I have a life of freedom I never thought was possible. 

Mark Twain said the two most important days in a person’s life are the day they were born and the day they find out why. I found out my why. I was created to do interventions and help families achieve the same freedom I have. When not working, I enjoy being on the water or in the outdoors, being present for my family, and embracing new experiences.

Matt Brown

I have been a professional interventionist since 2004. In the years since, I have facilitated thousands of interventions. One of the things I’ve learned during that time is that while most interventions have a general blueprint or structure to them, they are all different. Each individual and family needs special attention to the specific details of their addicted loved one.

My family did their own intervention on me in 2001 when I was 28. One of the things I remember from that day was something my mother said to me: “I will never be a prisoner in my own home ever again.” I realize now that I was holding my family hostage, emotionally speaking. None of us knew what to do. I didn’t want the life I was living, but I was terrified of stepping into a life that was completely foreign to me. They had no idea at the time that there were professionals that could’ve helped them. They certainly did they best they could in the moment, but it took me two more years to finally get the help i needed. During that time, my addiction got worse and we all suffered longer than we needed to. April 6, 2003 was the day I finally got help, and I have been sober ever since.

For the last 18 years, I’ve empowered families to get help for their addicted and alcoholic loved ones. I truly believe that change is possible and that families and loved ones, with the right direction, can make that change possible. It would be my honor to consult with you about what can be done in your family to help your loved one find lasting sobriety and freedom.

I live in Bend, Oregon with my wife and three kids. I work both nationally in the US and internationally.   

Si necesitan, les puedo comunicar en Español. Vivía por algunos anos en Argentina y hago intervenciones en Español. 

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Brian Schultz

On May 24, 2017, I woke up and prepared to go to work like it was any other day. Little did I know, my entire family was waiting for me in my sister’s living room with a professional interventionist, gathered together to confront me and present me with the opportunity to get help for my worsening drug addiction.

I was angry, I was scared, and I was confused. The last thing I wanted was to admit that I needed help. But with the help of an interventionist, my family was able to deliver to me a message that I actually could hear; and they were able set in place new boundaries that I was no longer able to ignore.

Four years later, when I am working with a family to help someone they love face their own battle with addiction, it is the memory of this day that informs me throughout each step of the process. I have been on the receiving end of an intervention, and I will never forget that feeling. Most importantly, I remember what worked.

First: The person struggling with addiction must know that all of our actions are motivated only by love and concern for their well-being. We cannot shame or guilt an addict into wanting help.

Second: Every single participant in the intervention must be totally committed to the process, and on the same page. There is no room for ambiguity or wavering. An intervention only works when we act as one unified front to deliver one singular message.

And third: that message is simple but profound, and it consists of two parts. One: we will do anything that we can to support the recovery of our loved one who is struggling with addiction. And two: from this point forward, we will do absolutely nothing that will enable our loved one’s addiction. Any and all of those behaviors stop now.

Today, my relationship with my family looks very different from the day of my intervention. In my recovery, I have found a new lease on life. I have blessings that I never thought were possible. And maybe most importantly to me, my family has found the peace they so desperately were seeking when they made their first call to my interventionist. What I once considered the very lowest moment of my life is now, without a doubt, the very best thing that ever happened to me.

It is an absolute privilege and honor to be able to help families find the peace that was given to me. It is not a role I take for granted. There is hope… and I am proud to help your family find it.

Jeff Gould

Jeff Gould, CIP, LCDC-I, BHCC is the founder of Labor of Love Intervention based in Dallas, Texas.

Labor of Love specializes in high-acuity substance abuse intervention and placement, and offers coaching for those who have suffered traumatic or acquired brain injury coupled with SUD. His book, A Life Concussed, was on Amazon’s best seller list under subject matter and is widely regarded. His warm but straightforward approach has helped many cross the threshold into meaningful, long-term recovery.

Jeff is an avid fisherman, musician, and hockey enthusiast. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Association of Intervention Specialists and is a workshop leader frequent guest on Heal the Brain.

A Life Concussed: A Memoriam of Brain Injury, Addiction & Homelessness by Jeff Gould

Lisa Badgley

I am passionate about helping others find joy in recovery through overall wellness. I have struggled with my own issues around addictive behaviors and have experienced how transformation and growth can bring so much more to life.

I started my recovery career at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate that is ranked #1 in Psychiatry by US News and World Report. From there, I moved into private practice. I have years of experience in coordinating and facilitating groups, providing supportive services to individuals and families, and providing preventative strategies for relapse through the use of motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and solution-focused strategies. 

In addition to my role as a recovery specialist, I am also a mother of three and an avid reader. I enjoy spending family time on the coast of Maine and exploring the beautiful beaches of New England with my camera.


I believe that individuals get to addiction on their own path and, in turn, have the ability to guide their own road to recovery. Because of this, my services are customized to each individual and family I work with.

My hope is to bring individuals and families back to health and vitality through guidance, respect, dignity and love. The power of love is healing and when its energy takes hold, resistance is futile.

  • Certified Interventionist Professional (CIP)

  • Addiction Specialist, Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS)  

  • Qualified License in Addiction Counseling (LADC)

  • The Alcoholism / Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate (AACC)

  • Contracted as an interventionist and recovery coach with The O’Connor Professional Group/Boston & New York City, Concierge Behavioral Health Navigation Services to helps clients & families navigate the behavioral health industry to create, implement and ensure a sustainable recovery.

  • Contracted with Executive Home Detox / Best In-Home treatment for private alcohol and drug detox / US and international travel. Recovery support and recovery coaching during and after the detoxification process.

Charmaine Sofis

Charmaine has spent the last nine years involved in the recovery process. Through her own treatment and recovery, she has developed firsthand knowledge and insight to treatment and the importance of family involvement in the process.

She completed training as an interventionist through ARISE and is excited to embark on this new journey of helping families and their loved ones get the necessary help and support to achieve long-term sobriety.

Charmaine got sober five years ago after being a chronic relapser! Recovery has given her a life beyond her imagination. She’s able to be present as a mother to four children and is active in her recovery program to ensure that she can be the best version of herself and fulfill her God-given purpose. What she once viewed as a curse she now knows is her biggest blessing. Why? She gets to help others achieve sobriety.

Charmaine is currently working for Ashley Treatment Program as a clinical outreach representative serving the Greater Washington D.C. area. She helps families and patients navigate treatment options and guides them through the admissions process.

In addition to her intervention training, Charmaine also holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, a Post Graduate in Human Resources Management from University of Cape Town, South Africa, and a Higher Education Diploma, school counselor and English teacher from University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Brad Garraway

Brad Garraway, NCIP, CRC

Brad Garraway is the founder of Clear Path Intervention. His path to recovery started in 2005 in Jackson, Mississippi. Brad worked in another industry for 13 years while organically helping families find treatment for their loved ones. He had been pushed by family and friends for years to take a risk and change careers. After having a loved one who struggled with substance use he realized how difficult it is to navigate these situations even with over a decade in recovery at that time. It was then he decided to resign from his job to pursue helping people find the path to recovery. Brad worked in two treatment centers at first but quickly realized his passion lied with the families and the individuals struggling. 

Brad trained in multiple modalities of intervention and worked as as an interventions specialist for one of the largest companies in the nation while building the platform for Clear Path intervention. He then began to build a team of like minded passionate individuals and train them based on all his experience and training conducting over 200 interventions.

Brad lives with his family in Pensacola Florida. He loves to fish, ride horses, and attend live music when not spending time with his family or working with a family struggling.

“ I do this because I love it… and if it weren’t for the people who helped me I would not be alive today”

Jay Staples

Jay Staples, Owner/CEO of A Sober Caddy Creative Agency, is a certified Life, Business, & Recovery Coach. Jay has been in long term recovery since October 2008. He has over 10 years of experience working with athletes/executives/individuals of all levels to help them find their “authentic self” and be the best they can be. His unique value proposition is that he understands the challenges of trying to live an authentic life while being bombarded with reasons and desires to be someone we’re not meant to be.

As a former professional golfer, Jay knows what it’s like to have people looking up to you and how important it is to maintain your integrity. He uses his knowledge and experience to help families and individuals find their “authentic self” no matter what their profession or lifestyle may be. Fear, shame, guilt, loneliness all have a way of paralyzing us. Jay believes we must get creative to find solutions.

Justin C. Diehl, LADC

The founder of Recovery in Action, calls upon his personal and professional training and work with treatment programs throughout the United States in serving patients and families struggling with addiction. He brings professionalism and empathy to all of the services provided by Recovery in Action. Diehl consults with patients and families on their individual situation and on the most appropriate resources available to them.

A 2007 graduate of the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies, Diehl has secured formal training and academic recognition in his chosen field. He is licensed by the State of Minnesota as an alcohol and drug counselor (LADC).

Diehl’s background includes extensive experience in leading interventions; clinical case management (supporting continuing care); providing chemical dependency assessments (for patients, insurers, criminal justice system); providing patient transports; and “sober coaching” engagements in a variety of personal, business, and treatment settings; service in sober house management and as a sober house clinical director.

Justin C. Diehl, LADC is a knowledgeable, caring and effective professional dedicated to the service of Recovery in Action clients, and he is committed to finding the approach for each client that will help lead to a sober, successful outcome.

Amy Jack

Amy is a Certified ARISE® Interventionist with 9 years of experience in the substance abuse treatment field. She has dedicated her career to helping individuals and families navigate the path to recovery. Her specialty lies in dealing with complex cases and treatment-resistant individuals.

Amy’s calm demeanor brings relief to chaotic situations, and her purposeful and resilient nature throughout a crisis intervention fosters her successful outcomes. She walks families’ through each step from the initial phone call to the intervention day, and will transport the addicted loved one directly to treatment. She then works collaboratively with the addicted individual, the treatment center, and the family to ensure treatment completion, relapse prevention, and ongoing support.  She is passionate about helping restore healing to the family system and leaves no stone upturned in her pursuit of family recovery.

Amy received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Albany State University and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Addiction Counseling from Union College. She understands, on a fundamental level, the devastation that addiction brings into the family system and was motivated to become a professional certified interventionist because of the day her life changed for the better on January 11, 2012. That is the day that she embarked on the road to recovery and can now help families’ navigate through the fear, despair, and seemingly hopeless state of addiction, toward healing and recovery for the entire family.

With her vast experience and passion for helping others, Amy is a dedicated and compassionate interventionist who is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by addiction.

Member of: 

   National Association for Alcoholism Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC),

    Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS)


    ARISE® Certified Interventionist

Leanne Croft

What did my addiction cost me? The answer to this is quite simple; everything. I was plagued by alcoholism and drug addiction for nearly 20 years. I could not function; I did not know how to live life. My life was not just unmanageable, it was unsustainable. I was living a nightmare; and when I found myself in a place where my addiction held me captive in a place where at any moment I knew, I would never see my children again, I woke up.

The payment for getting everything restored was more than worth the price I chose to pay. I’ve worked in substance abuse treatment for many years. Prior to that, I volunteered my time and energy in exchange to see the people around me achieve freedom from the same demons that haunted me. I’m driven by ambition, and fueled by passion. I specialized in working with people suffering the same way I did in the LGBTQ+ community. I see these people living the same nightmare I did and I want deeply to help them wake up.

I live in Athens, GA. with my wife and 3 beautiful children. I have worked locally to assist clients professionally, and traveled nationally to help others as well.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg said, “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” It is in those words, I found my calling. 

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