Signs of Alcoholism
(& How to Help)

If your loved one is in denial about their drinking problem, you need to stage an alcohol intervention. We make sure that conversation is a successful one.

Is It Heavy Drinking or Alcoholism?

If you notice your loved one drinking a lot, you may begin to wonder if they have a problem. This fear can be compounded if your spouse, sibling, or parent is one of the millions of adults whose behavior changes with alcohol consumption. While some people become more social and uninhibited after a few drinks, others feel angry, anxious, overwhelmed, or sad. These emotions can manifest in ways that harm you and other family members.

When you start asking these questions, it’s a clear sign that your loved one needs treatment—often, this can be challenging to navigate on your own. Our online appointments can help you figure out where to begin, how to be effective in your approach and, most importantly, how to take care of yourself while helping others.

Symptoms of Alcoholism: What is Considered an Alcoholic?

Fortunately, experts have narrowed down clinical criteria for problem drinking. These symptoms of alcoholism can help you determine whether someone you love needs treatment for their condition. Your loved one may be an alcoholic if they exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Drinking more than intended
  • Trying and failing to cut back
  • Spending a lot of time and money on alcohol
  • Using alcohol in unsafe situations (driving, swimming)
  • Craving a drink, especially when stressed
  • Hiding alcohol around the house to conceal the extent of their drinking
  • Failing to keep up with responsibilities at work or home
  • Continuing to drink despite these issues
  • Developing a tolerance for alcohol
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when unable to access alcohol

Withdrawal symptoms can indicate a severe alcohol use disorder. If your loved one feels nauseated, begins shaking, or sweats when they go without beer, wine, or liquor, professional help is recommended.

How to Help an Alcoholic

Denial is a major obstacle for those hoping to help an alcoholic. Because this substance is both legal and socially acceptable, many addicted individuals maintain that they don’t have any type of alcohol dependence. They’ll often trot out phrases like “I can stop any time I want to,” or “Everyone else is drinking, why can’t I?” Services like Intervention On Call can prepare you to successfully counter these arguments, break through your loved one’s denial, and motivate them to seek treatment at a licensed alcohol rehab.

Our team of national intervention experts offer consultations at an affordable rate. They can help you:

  • Decide if a loved one needs help and to what degree.
  • Gain educational insights about the nature of alcoholism.
  • Learn predictable behaviors or outcomes of continued use or treatment.
  • Understand what enables an alcoholic to continue drinking or seek help—and how to discontinue your own enabling behaviors.
  • Walk through the process of approaching a loved one (when and how).
  • Determine if an intervention is necessary.
  • Discover how to keep yourself emotionally safe during the process.
  • Predict (and plan for) various reactions from your loved one.
  • Decide on treatment options and next steps.

It can be challenging to get through to someone, especially if they don’t seem to recognize the extent of their alcohol abuse. Well-coordinated alcohol interventions set boundaries, outline your expectations, and force the addicted individual’s hand, compelling them to act. Together, we can get your loved one the help they need.

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