On-demand help for addiction

Our interventionists provide actionable, in-the-moment advice that empowers you to keep your family safe, hold a successful intervention, and make a lasting change.

Is your loved one refusing to seek treatment, no matter what you say or do? When you consult with one of our therapists, you’ll receive effective advice tailored to your needs.


Loving an addicted person can feel like one crisis after another. If your family member has been arrested, harmed, or endangered, we’ll help you make a plan.



The most important part of any intervention is preparation. Our experts have presided over hundreds of these meetings, and they’ve seen it all. We provide the insights you need to break through your loved one’s denial.

Sober coaches fill a niche that others cannot. They offer frequent care that empowers without enabling. Unlike therapists, they spend several hours each week working with the client in their own homes, offices, and other everyday settings. 

in-person interventions

If you feel overwhelmed and would like someone else to oversee this crucial confrontation, the Intervention On Call team can travel to you. Contact us to learn about our in-person interventions.

We're ready to help

Your loved one can still be helped. Wherever there is life, there is hope for recovery. Make an appointment with Intervention On Call to get the answers, compassion, and hope that your family needs to heal.

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Each appointment is priced at a flat rate of $150/hour. To get started, all you need to do is complete the accelerated registration process on our secure telehealth platform. In just five minutes, you can access real-time solutions from credentialed interventionists—no more endless searches, racing thoughts, or sleepless nights trying to figure out what to do. We’re here for you.

Intervention On Call
Free Family Support Group

An excellent resource for families struggling with addiction.