Kevin Petersen, MA, LMFT

In August 1990, I was at a family reunion in Central California and my dad said “Let’s drive home together”.  In the first five minutes of that 4 hour drive he said, “Kevin, I love you, but I don’t believe a word out of your mouth. I think you’re a drug addict and alcoholic. I don’t think you actually graduated from college and your mother and your sister and I have taken a vote and we’ve decided that we need to set some strong boundaries with you until you’re ready to change the way you’re living”. 

That was the beginning of my journey into sobriety.  I didn’t actually get sober until May 5, 1991, but I did end up working with a therapist starting in January 1990 with my father. I think the most important part about that story is when my family was willing to set boundaries and hold those boundaries…..that’s when I started paying attention. That’s the message I try to share with each and every one of the families that I work with. 

In 2008 at the age of 44, I went back to graduate school and got a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Now I work with families that are struggling with addiction. My goal is to teach each family how to set boundaries with love and compassion, how to hold those boundaries, and how to help their loved ones get to a better way of life.  I like to say that I teach families how to say “No” with love in their heart.

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Chronic Hope: Families & Addiction

Chronic Hope: Parenting the Addicted

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