Signs of Drug Addiction
(& How to Help)

Whether your loved one is hooked on prescription drugs or illicit substances, you can get through to them. Our experts will make sure of it.

How to Help Someone With Addiction

If your friend or family member is struggling with drug addiction, you know how painful it can be. Seeing them suffer and spiral out of control can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. However, you are not alone in this struggle. With the right support and resources, you can inspire your loved one to overcome their dependence. Online help for drug addiction is available through Intervention On Call.

Identifying the Signs of Drug Addiction

Recreational drug use is risky, but severe drug addiction can be deadly. Often, substance abuse begins when someone receives a legitimate prescription from their doctor. As they build a tolerance to the drug, they start taking more and more of it—perhaps without their physician’s knowledge. People at this stage may turn to the streets to source their drugs of choice or cheaper alternatives. Others become addicted by experimenting with drugs at raves, parties, or casual gatherings. What starts as a social habit turns into a physical and psychological dependence.

No matter how your loved one began using, you’ll first need to determine whether they have developed a substance use disorder. Signs of drug addiction include:

  • Sudden, marked changes in appearance (rapid weight loss, lack of personal hygiene)
  • Behaving inappropriately (falling asleep in the middle of the day, acting goofy in a serious setting)
  • Taking uncharacteristic risks (unsafe sex, driving under the influence)
  • Secrecy—sneaking around to hide their substance abuse
  • Spending time with new, unsavory “friends”
  • Sudden mood swings, angry outbursts, or expressions of paranoia
  • Finding drug paraphernalia throughout the house or in their car
How to Help a Drug-Addicted Family Member

Many men and women are shocked to learn that their loved ones have become addicted to pills, marijuana, meth, cocaine, or any of the other drugs available throughout the U.S. Often, family members have no personal experience with illicit activity and feel overwhelmed by what’s happening.

The first thing to know is that drug addiction is a complex disease that requires professional treatment. Your loved one may not be able to overcome their addiction on their own. However, they may also be resistant to admitting that they have a problem. That’s where Intervention On Call comes in.

Our intervention advice service can help you prepare to confront your loved one, break through their denial, and convince them to seek treatment. The seasoned professionals at Intervention On Call offer multiple support services for drug addiction interventions. They will consult with you about:

  • Learning the facts about drug addiction and the behaviors associated with it.
  • Untangling complex family dynamics.
  • Breaking the cycle of enabling (friends, spouses, coworkers, or family members).
  • Understanding what motivates a drug addict to seek help and what reinforces their behavior.
  • Walking through the process of when and how you should approach your loved one.
  • Deciding whether you should conduct a drug addiction intervention.
  • Protecting your emotional safety throughout the process.
  • Planning for any possible reactions from your loved one.
  • Determining if your loved one needs treatment, where they should go, and what your next steps should be.

Getting through to a person on drugs can be very complicated, especially if they don’t think they have a problem. However, it’s important to remember that drug addiction can have deadly consequences. With our personalized advice, guidance, and support, you will feel prepared to stage an intervention and get your loved one back to full health.

Online Help for Drug Addiction

We know what you’re going through. Together, we can get your loved one the help they need. Contact Intervention On Call for more information, or schedule your on-demand consultation with our expert interventionists—appointment slots are available within the next 48 hours. Our affordable rates are capped at $150 per hour, ensuring that help is accessible to everyone who needs it.

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