Pejman Alaghamandan

Pejman Alaghamandan, also known as “Pej,” hails from Iranian descent but has been a resident of the United States since the age of five. His life’s journey has been a remarkable one, marked by a transformation from a former alcoholic and addict to a dedicated advocate for those struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and mental health.

During his formative years, Pej faced numerous personal traumas that steered him down a tumultuous path, leading to the loss of not only his material possessions but also his dignity and the trust of his family. Despite well-intentioned attempts by his family to intervene, Pej wasn’t initially ready to surrender to the challenges he faced. He insisted on pursuing things “his way,” which ultimately plunged him into a deep abyss of despair.

The turning point came when a seed of hope was planted during an intervention by his family. It was a powerful reminder that he was loved, but they couldn’t stand idly by and watch him deteriorate any longer. At the age of 35, having experienced homelessness and enduring the depths of his struggles, Pej confronted his biggest fear by raising his hands and seeking help.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation in Pej’s life. He entered treatment and embarked on a journey he had never envisioned before. In the first year of his recovery, he was offered the opportunity to assist a seasoned interventionist and a true champion of recovery. Learning from this mentor, he later assumed the role of an interventionist himself, receiving training and guidance under the esteemed direction of Earl Hightower, a globally recognized interventionist.

Today, Pej has over 16 years of sobriety under his belt.  He has dedicated his life to helping families and loved ones of individuals grappling with addiction, alcoholism, and mental health issues. He firmly believes that no intervention is a failure, but rather an open opportunity for individuals to discover hope and love. The greatest reward for him is witnessing someone who was on the brink of despair, consumed by the anguish of a soul sickness, make the courageous decision to seek help and completely turn their life around. This is what fuels Pej’s passion and purpose, as he continues to devote his life to this noble cause.

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