Carlton Norwood

Life undoubtedly comes with challenges; but every obstacle thrown our way is synonymous with an opportunity to triumph.

Addiction took me by storm many years ago. Through substance abuse and self-destructive behavior, I was in life-threatening situations that jeopardized my relationships with friends and family. Then an abrupt realization that I needed to make a drastic yet meaningful change led me to where I am today: rebuilt and re-energized for what lies ahead.

For nearly 30 years as a Financial Advisor, I assisted hundreds of families in navigating the complexities of financial decision-making, helping them find peace in the face of hardship. This combined with the blessing of raising four productive and successful children instilled in me an unwavering desire to help others in all facets of life.

As an Augusta, Georgia native my roots and family are firm, and my resolve is to help families find help and treatment for addicted loved ones. My passion is to help families create an atmosphere conducive to setting boundaries that will encourage finding the assistance required for people lost in addiction to find the solutions that can restore their life to sanity.

Family interventions start with small steps and by setting an appointment with me we can begin to create the healthy atmosphere required to begin the journey.

My recovery process has made one thing abundantly clear: I’ve been called to work with families and play a role in the fundamental change that restores families and saves lives.

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