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Does Your Loved One Need Aftercare?

sober coaching

When someone you care about starts addiction recovery, they have embarked on a lifelong journey. Entering a treatment program is a milestone worth celebrating, but it’s only the first step of many. Your loved one will also need to think ahead to what the future might hold. That’s why it’s impossible to overstate the importance of aftercare services in the addiction recovery journey.

At Intervention On Call, we offer remote sober coaching, a service designed to extend continual guidance and support to people in early recovery. Working synergistically with the rest of your loved one’s recovery team, sober coaches strive to boost confidence, prevent relapse, and navigate potential hurdles, offering daily care that empowers without enabling.

What Is Sober Coaching?

One fundamental benefit of aftercare services like sober coaching is addressing the lingering vulnerability to relapse your loved one may experience even after successfully concluding their primary treatment program. Aftercare significantly reduces this risk by providing extra support, structure, and accountability.

Though aftercare is optional, it can make all the difference in preserving a loved one’s sobriety. In many cases, leaving treatment and immediately returning to the same environment and behavioral patterns that characterized active addiction can be overwhelming. 

Relapse triggers are unique to everyone, but a typical challenge is the struggle to adapt to post-rehab life without clear-cut, strategic goals. Some may attempt to dive back into their usual routines, only to find themselves ill-prepared to manage real-world stress. Aftercare bridges the gap between the highly structured environment of a rehab facility and the demands of everyday life.

Effective AWOL and AMA Interventions

Some people in rehab make the mistake of thinking they can leave their program early. Often, they have entered treatment without addressing the denial that is a hallmark of addiction. As a result, they resist the help that is available to them and struggle to stay engaged.

Over the years, Intervention On Call has partnered with numerous rehabilitation facilities struggling with low enrollment in their intensive outpatient or sober living programs due to premature client departures. We have developed intervention protocols that guide treatment centers, families, and loved ones in motivating clients to remain in or return to the program.

Our sober coaches can inspire clients on the brink of leaving rehab against medical advice. We have designed robust, tried-and-true intervention strategies to overcome objections, dispel fears, and ignite a fresh enthusiasm for the recovery journey. With a wealth of experience, we’re well-equipped to handle a myriad of scenarios and pledge to use our resources and expertise to keep your loved one on the right track.

Work With Our Remote Sober Coaches

Remote sober coaches are experts in addiction. They are nearly always in recovery themselves. This hands-on knowledge equips your loved one’s sober coach to predict and address any potential risks for relapse.

With our remote sober coaching services, you can find the reassurance needed during the high-risk initial stages of recovery. To learn more about how our sober coaching services can aid your loved one’s recovery journey, reach out to us at Intervention On Call. Our expertise can help your loved one stay on the path to sustained sobriety.

Make an Appointment

Each appointment is priced at a flat rate of $150/hour. To get started, all you need to do is complete the accelerated registration process on our secure telehealth platform. In just five minutes, you can access real-time solutions from credentialed interventionists—no more endless searches, racing thoughts, or sleepless nights trying to figure out what to do. We’re here for you.

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