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Too often, people leave treatment against medical advice. Our interventionists help families set boundaries and motivate their loved ones to stay in your program—even when their addiction is telling them to leave.

Addressing Challenges Faced by Treatment Centers

Helping people to recover is your business, but sometimes it seems like your clients don’t want to get better. Those caught up in the disease of addiction fight anything and everyone. Common behaviors we’ve seen include:

  • Leaving AMA
  • Non-compliance
  • Triangulation between treatment team and family members
  • Refusing to continue care through step-down programming
  • Lack of progression

These issues have created problems for treatment centers across the country. We’ve worked with rehabs that have low enrollment numbers in their IOP or sober living programs due to client departure. We’ve also seen that the above behaviors reduce insurance payouts, increase relapse rates, and slash the number of committed alumni who make referrals. Worst of all, client attrition leads to poor recovery outcomes. Fortunately, we have created intervention protocols that will work for your center. We coach treatment centers, families, and loved ones to motivate clients to stay in (or return to) treatment.

AWOL and AMA Interventions

Addiction treatment is a long-term, stressful process. Even after family members have spent a great deal of time and energy convincing their loved one to get help, there is no guarantee that the person with an addiction will stay engaged. As you know, many clients decide to leave treatment before their program has concluded—on average, this occurs within the first three to fourteen days.

That’s why Intervention On Call specializes in motivating clients who are prepared to leave AMA: against medical advice. We offer blueprints for effective, inspirational interventions for those on the edge of departure. Our years of experience have equipped us with the knowledge needed to counter arguments, allay fears, and catalyze a renewed excitement for recovery. Like you, we’ve seen and heard it all. We’re prepared to use all of our resources and expertise to keep your clients where they need to be. With advice and training from Intervention On Call, your center will be equipped to retain even the most resistant of clients.

Encouraging Treatment Adherence

If your center struggles with retention through the full continuum of care, we can help. Intervention On Call’s therapists are available for on-demand consultations right when you need our help. All appointments are made within 48 hours of your initial inquiry, ensuring that we strike while the iron is hot. Our interventionists will walk you through the factors that motivate clients to stay in your program and work every step, including:

  • Immediately addressing client concerns
  • Exceeding their expectations
  • Explaining the proven benefits of long-term care
  • Outlining the rationale behind your center’s clinical protocols
  • Detailing the risks of early departure
  • Meeting them where they are
  • Developing a clearer understanding of their mindset and goals
  • Building trust and open communication
  • Brainstorming a treatment approach that meets their needs
  • Recruiting loved ones to incentivize treatment adherence

Intervention On Call offers sound advice and proven methods for improving client retention. If you would like to reduce the number of clients going absent without leave or departing against medical advice, we can help. Contact us today to learn about our services for treatment centers.

“Their team has helped us retain clients for aftercare programs, we call them the retention whisperers – they can get through to clients when we can’t about the importance of long term treatment.”  

Recovery center Director of Admissions

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