Helping You Help Your Loved One

Is your loved one stuck in the cycle of addiction? We can help. Our trained interventionists deliver real-time solutions to ease your anxiety and inspire your family member to seek treatment.

what we do

When it comes to addiction, time is of the essence. We offer on-demand appointments for families in crisis. Our trained interventionists provide the in-the-moment tools you need to keep yourself and your loved one safe, as well as long-term solutions that will encourage them to embrace recovery.

Intervention On Call also assists treatment centers with complex cases. We specialize in helping those who have left a program against medical advice and those who refuse treatment.

How it works


Make an ASAP Appointment

First, you’ll visit our Appointments tab and select a time that works for you. All of our interventionists are highly trained with similar skill levels, so we recommend choosing a meeting time based on your own availability.


Answer a Few Questions

Your appointment will take place within 48 hours of your request. While you wait, we ask that you fill out a little bit of paperwork. This information helps our interventionists to understand your family’s needs and situation.


Follow Our Protocols

We understand what it’s like to live through a family crisis. We’ll guide you every step of the way—even before your appointment takes place. Our experts will provide you with tips to safeguard your physical and mental health until your meeting time.


Meet Your Interventionist

It’s time to get the answers you need. Start your meeting by video or phone through our easy-to-use online platform. Our expert interventionists are standing by to provide crucial insights, advice, and next steps.

our clients love us

It’s been a long journey, but thanks to Intervention On Call’s professional guidance, the healing is steady and strong. Thank you—you gave us the confidence and strength to get there.

Family Member of a Recovering Addicted individual

“This is a team of people who know what it’s like being in the trenches. They go above and beyond to make sure that clients find the treatment services and recovery support they need to overcome addiction!”
Client Testimonial

Real-Time Solutions at Your Fingertips

Substance use disorder can happen to anyone, including loving parents, hard-working professionals, and studious teenagers. Fortunately, recovery works the same way—anyone can break the cycle of addiction with a little help. Our interventionists give you the strength and knowledge you need to finally get through to your loved one.


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we are ready to help

Don’t allow another cycle of hope followed by anxiety and sleepless nights to ensue. Book an appointment with one of our compassionate, seasoned interventionists to change your loved one’s life (and your life) today.

Make an Appointment

Each appointment is priced at a flat rate of $150/hour. To get started, all you need to do is complete the accelerated registration process on our secure telehealth platform. In just five minutes, you can access real-time solutions from credentialed interventionists—no more endless searches, racing thoughts, or sleepless nights trying to figure out what to do. We’re here for you.